Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." -William Cullen Bryant


1) The principle of the "Beauty of death"--it reminds me of a sort of a beautifully poetic metaphor for a bittersweet end of a time in someone's life. It paints a lovely image of the life and death of relationships that people share. This may not make sense, but in my head it does so I shall do my best to relay these thoughts to you. The trees changing from green into different shades of yellow, brilliant shades of oranges and reds, almost always reminds me o fpeople that I have met in my lifetime, the friends that I've had for a long time or a short time, the random lives that have crossed mine, for but a moment it seemed, and then slipped away from me. Not due to any fault on either my or the other person's end, but purely beacuse that's just the way life works sometimes. The different paths you've crossed, the different people you've met has played a huge role in the person that you are today and there's a sort of feeling like, bittersweet. Life takes people down different avenues and different places and as much as it is bitter that some relationships you once had are no longer there, there is a hint of sweetness in the memories that you have and that you will carry with you until the end of your days. I feel like one carries with them a piece of everyone they've ever met within themsevles in who they are today. That's what I think of everytime I see the leaves changing colors--even in their death, they paint the world in a beautiful portrait of bittersweet endings. There is even poetry in the trees. OF COURSE now that I read back on everything I have written I feel sort of silly for having such thoughts on such a simple occurrence. Haha, I don't even know if what I wrote just now made any sense, but take from it what you will.
2) The air is soooo clean, so crisp. Mmm, I love it.
3) Layers. Lots and lots of layering. Sweaters and longs sleeves, jackets, scarves, beanies, hoodies and a general cozy comftiness.
4) Fires in the fireplace.
5) Coming in from outside and having a touch of pink on your cheeks and nose from the air.
6) The way the trees take their time in slowly shedding their coats for the winter. Lying underneath a tree with the sunshine on my face, feeling the cool breeze and hearing the chimes of leaves running into eachother and then watching them take their time floating here, then there, before finally settling on a place to land. I love
watching the leaves wave a sad farewell as they float through the air.
7) Apple cider and doughnuts, OF COURSE :):)
8)8) The nostalgia that I inevitably feel each fall. I have a very nostalgic soul, always have and always will, and for some reason, fall especially makes me feel as such. Reflecting, pondering, musing, remembering.
9) Fall inspires me to write.
10) Sitting in coffee shops and reading a good book are especially lovely in the fall.
11) The general feeling of romance that can be felt in the brisk air on your skin and the warmth of the sun on your hair (haha, ironic that this statement comes from a long-time, natural-born cynic).
12) Feeling my inner child come out as I step and jump to step on the leaves on the sidewalk as I walk to class. There's something very satisfying in hearing the final words of the leaf as it crunches beneath your feet.

Fall is the most beautiful time of year--it holds so much depth and sort of reminds me of an old weary soul resting and basking the glow of his previously long-lived life, reminiscing on the summer adventures of his youth and the memories he made with the people that he crossed paths with, and that have long-since gone.  Fall is a beautifully nostalgic soul.

Until next time....

-A Walking Contradiction